In death, in life

I’m confident and covered by the power of your great love.

I don’t feel like I need to add anything to this post I just want to leave this song here. It’s currently stuck in my head and the words are beautiful.


As promised, I’ve made some adjustments to my blog page


I’ve been neglecting my blog lately and thought it would be great to update it a little bit. I haven’t changed the theme – because I love it the way it is – but I’ve added and updated a few pages and thought I’d leave the links here. (Just a little bit of self promotion)


  • Contact page – finally, I have a page where you can contact me in a way which means no one has to make any information public. You can use this to ask for – or offer – advice or just to make general suggestions.


  • A new introduction page – I’ve decided that, as I always struggle to know what to write (because things are constantly changing in life), my about page would reflect me in the current year. This would include information about me and links to posts that are related to it.


  • I’ve updated my YouTube Channel page – though only slightly. This one is less important than the others but I would enjoy if people shared their channel names and we could make a little network.



Before I end this post, I just want to say thank you to the people who continue to interact with my posts no matter how rare they are. I don’t know if I can properly express how much it means to me that you continue to support me even when I feel like I’m letting myself down. I honestly hope to do better this year and, once I work out what it is that I want to write, upload a lot more content.

Your reason to smile today

It’s so easy to get caught up in stress and the things in life that aren’t going as well as you’d planned.

This is my own photo (:

We all do it. When it seems like more bad is happening in our lives than good, we sometimes get consumed by it.
Today, I want to encourage you to think of something positive that happened to make you smile. Even if that means you have to dig through every minute of your day to find something.
You can comment it, you can make a post about it or you can simply think about it. There is a lot of bad going on in the world. It’s important not to forget the negative that is happening but it’s also important to remain optimistic that the future can be different – and that you have the potential to contribute to this.
What one thing – or two, or three, as many as you like, really – happened to you today that made you smile or feel optimistic?

2017 – Year of the elephant?

Disclaimer: It’s actually the year of the rooster.


I’m not sure why but, recently, I seem to come into contact with a lot of elephant related content. This goes from jewellery and clothes to misheard lyrics – which sounds ridiculous, I know, but that’s mainly because it is. So, after endless Googling about what elephants represent, I decided that this year will officially be the year of the elephant for me. Unsurprisingly, elephants have different significance based on culture so instead of explaining each one separately, I’ll make a list – I rarely make lists. An elephant represents:

  • Strength
  • Honour
  • Stability
  • Tenacity – which means determination or perseverance (Thank goodness for Google)
  • Luck
  • Fortune
  • Protection
  • Happiness


There are a lot of other words that relate to personality characteristics and the meaning of elephants in dreams but, honestly, I haven’t read that far into it yet. Obviously, there are a lot of words there to consider and, of course, I can’t channel them all at the same time 24/7 but maybe I’ll experience at least one at a time throughout the year. For now, though, I’m focusing on strength and happiness. I have a motto written on my phone lock screen which usually says something like “Keep smiling” or “be happy” but, now, it says “Stay strong” and features an elephant emoji.


When I first changed my little motto, it seemed a bit superficial – as if it wasn’t the message I needed at that point in time. However, later that week, I felt as if I truly needed to remember those words. Even though there are many animals which I’m sure represent similar things, I’m going to use the elephant as a reminder for the goals that I set myself this year. After all I figure that, if I see them around quite often anyway, it will be a visual reminder that this year intend to be happy and strong as well as letting go and allowing things to happen naturally in my life.


Essentially; Let go and let God.


P.S. I just updated my “about”-type page for 2017 so I’d be grateful if you checked it out.




New year, new bear?

The fact that the word “year” and “bear” don’t actually rhyme stresses me out .


This isn’t a post to say that I’, going to be a whole new version of me. Sure, this year is going to change me but I’m not going out of my way to make a drastic change – though I do need to start eating less sugar and doing more exercise. I’ve realised, though, that as the years go by, my blog slowly shifts and changes as I grow and experience new things. With starting college and now being university, I feel like I’ve begun to lose sight of what blogging is really about.


When I first started blogging, I used to talk a lot about how WordPress isn’t just a web site, but a community. I enjoyed having conversations with people in the comments section and getting involved in challenges but, now, I’m struggling to catch up and commenting on posts from weeks beforehand. This year, I’m determined to do a bit of Spring Cleaning (I know it’s not spring but *bear* with me here – I apologise for my terrible pun). I want to tidy up my blog; update my pages introducing myself and my YouTube channel; think of some topics so I can write at least once a week. I want to get back into blogging the way I was before because I loved it and it made me so happy.


So, I’m sorry if, at any point, I’ve almost spammed your page with likes, scrolling through weeks of posts that I’d missed. Sorry that I haven’t commented or made an effort to start a ridiculously long conversation in your comment section. This year, I hope to do better not for the likes or statistics but because blogging is something that I want to do and that makes me happy.


I’m not sure whether that means there will be a new bear this year but I will definitely make an attempt to frequent your screens more often whether you like it or not.


Also, why is it that ‘year’ rhymes with ‘beer’ but not ‘bear’? Yet ‘bear’ rhymes with ‘yeah’. What is English?


Now, I have a love-hate relationship with Buzzfeed but I have to give them credit for this idea -it really is amazing.

I’ve spent the whole day making a jar to put my rememberlutions in. You can read about this is in the link above but (in case you’re anything like me) I’ll summarise it here. Rather than making New Year’s resolution, rememberlutions are positive things that have happened to you throughout the year. Then, at the end of the year, you can open up the jar and remember all of the good things that happened during the year.
As soon as I saw the jars, I was determined to make one of my own. I’ve spent all day on it – obviously with break in between- and though it looks like a 5 year old painted it, I’m actually quite proud of my jar. I too pictures of the process so you think I’m a real artist can see the makings of this cute little jar.
So, first, I gathered everything together, ready to get started.

Then, I put paper mache (something tells me that’s not spelled correctly) around the bottom half of the jar. I completely forgot to take a picture this so you’ll have to use your imagination! Once everything was dried, I painted the jar blue to match the lid. For the record, painting has never been my strong suit (neither has colouring, actually, but that’s a different story)

Paper mache (Someone help me, is this right?) Clearly isn’t my strong point either. After the paint dried, I got started on the best part – decorating!
Thankfully, I had some cute bits lying around – which I knew would come in handy at some point! – to make the jar look extra special. This, I’ve decided, is going to be the front of my jar.

It will be filled with lovely treats! Then I improvised the rest of the side and here are the results

I’m so excited to fill this jar and I’m aware of how ridiculously long this post is getting!

I would encourage you to make your own. If you’re not particularly creative, grab a pretty box -or a plain one and wrap it in wrapping paper- to fill. That way, no matter what goes wrong this year, you will always be reminded of the good things that happened. What a beautiful way to end the year!

I hope everyone had a great day – however you celebrated the New Year. Hopefully, this will be a great year full of great things!

Advent post #5 – Jesus is born

For Christians, Jesus’ birth is the start of a long line of events which display a great amount of love, kindness, sacrifice etc

It’s not the very beginning – Adam and Eve took that role – but it’s a huge event. Jesus -this powerful king that everyone was expecting- came to Earth in the form of a vulnerable baby and everything changed. Christmas is so much more than just presents and food.


Even for people who don’t celebrate Christmas in a religious way, the feelings on that day are still the same. There’s a sense of joy and love and just general positivity that tends to fill the air. People give and appreciate what they’ve been given. It’s beautiful.


I hope everyone had an amazing day! I’ve eaten so much that I’m probably not making much sense at all. What are you thankful for this Christmas? (Did I just merge a Thanksgiving tradition into Christmas? Oops.)