Who am I?

Hello! Thanks for clicking on this page, you won’t regret it (Or you might, who knows)


I’ve always found about pages the most difficult to write but I’ll just give you a summary of who I am.


My name is Tidrah (which is pronounced like “Tee-dra” and is constantly misspelled and mispronounced). I’m a 19 year old first year student, studying in the beautiful city of Bristol.


I’m so lucky to have met so many amazing people here who have helped me to grow not only in confidence but also in faith. This blog has always been a mix of things. I write about my life, give advice, review movies and songs – I’ve never really been great at following a plan with this blog. I also have a YouTube channel that I upload to rarely  occasionally sometimes. Feel free to check it out or leave your link below so I can check your channel out!


I can’t guarantee that I can post regularly but I really do hope that you stick around to read my content and join me on my journey through life.


Tidrah x